Frostop-Side-Up Again at Ted’s

Root Beer sign at Frostop

Published by: WWNO - New Orleans Public Radio, February 9, 2012
Author: Ian McNulty

Long a symbol of post-Katrina defiance, the refurbished sign at vintage burger joint kindles the past and points to the future.

People who might have spotted the giant mug sign from Ted’s Frostop loaded onto a flatbed and trucked away one day last fall could be excused for thinking they’d witnessed the end of an era. In fact, it was part of a new chapter for a long-running legacy.

That mug is a 14-foot-tall, sheet metal relic from the glory days of the American burger stand, and it’s been a kitschy landmark along South Claiborne Avenue since it was first installed in the 1950s. More recently, it became a defiant symbol of Hurricane Katrina recovery.

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