Before cell phones, social media and cable TV, drive-in diners were a popular place to pass time with friends and family.

You can spot any Frostop restaurant a mile away with our signature 14 ft high, neon Root Beer mug. Known for the smooth flavor and creaminess, nothing tops Frostop Root Beer...but the foam! Pair it with our famous Lot-O-Burger for the full diner experience.

Frostop after Katrina
Frostop after Katrina

The Frostop Franchise opened in 1926 by L.S. Harvey as a Root Beer Stand and eventual diner serving the original Lot-O-Burger. There were once 350 locations nationwide! In 1955, Ted Sternberg, a local New Orleanian returning from the Korean War, bought into the franchise and opened our initial location on Calhoun Street. He made sure to preserve the drive-in atmosphere over the years until Hurricane Katrina when he retired. Since 2008, it has been locally owned and operated by Gordon Stevens and siblings Keil, Peter & Margaret Moss. The beautiful restoration will surely transport you back in time!

Frostop owners
Keil, Gordon and Peter

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Video: The Origin of Ted's Frostop

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